Early birds or physicians running late? How to manage infrastructure capacity?

Patients who are much too early or doctors who are running late due to circumstances? Partheas Flow calculates the start time of consultations in real time and can thus add ...

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Version 3.4 release Partheas Q

Partheas Q is ready for version 3.4 with the September release. Except for incident interventions, no further release is planned in 2022. The next major release will be Q1 2023. ...

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Mobile app for physicians

Wednesday 29/06/2022 our Q2 release delivered some exciting new product features. For Partheas Flow this also meant the roll out of the ‘mobile app’ for physicians and nursing staff. This ...

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Wachttijden arts

Partheas Flow (version 4.4.x)

This page gives a brief overview of the features in version 4.4.x (compared to the previous version). In addition to some security updates, it also contains a series of new ...

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Mangelzorg tijdens Covid

Family care during Covid (In4Care & Zorglab)

On November 17th 2020, Zorglab (Care lab) Aalst organizes in collaboration with In4care on an online breakfast session. The central theme for the event: “Communication with the caregiver in times ...

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Smart signage

A new signage innovation with the smart light bulb

A completely new signage innovation for Partheas Flow is the introduction of the Qeejdi smart light bulb. This smart bulb allows hospitals to provide specific indications based on the information ...

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Waiting times physician

Additional features for the Care Manager

The first posts of this blog series demonstrated benefits to patients as well as physicians and nurses. While the previous post briefly illustrated how the hospital’s finance director can realize ...

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Medical path for pneumology - supporting physician and nursing staff

Support for physicians and nursing staff in consultations

A solution that focusses on improved efficiency in consultations!? Help!? Too often, that means the creation of additional stress and adding workload to staff. Intelligent patient flow management does focus ...

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Better patient experience with patient flow management

How to get a better patient experience with patient flow management? Internationally, there has been a tremendous amount of research and analysis on the topic. It is probably not a ...

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Management of patient flows

Why would a hospital have (no) patient flow management?

This post is a landing page for a series of 7 posts on “Why would a hospital have (no) automated patient flow management application?”. It summarizes a series of reasons ...

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