A unique physical Patient Flow management system

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Expert solution

Partheas Flow is an absolutely unsurpassed, expert solution to manage the physical flow of patients in  ambulatory care.

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Patient Experience

Partheas Flow informs patients about the status of their appointment (waiting times). Next, other useful information is provided to make sure the patient experience is improved.

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Physicians & Nurses

Partheas Flow supports physicians and nurses of different disciplines, allowing treatment of significantly more patients. Also have a look at its process intelligence.


Hospital Efficiency

For the hospital, Partheas Flow makes sure processes are optimized, aligned and cost efficient. Great results with a spectacular ROI.

Partheas Flow - example video QR Ticket

Localisation techniques

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Our first roll out of the solution happened with UHF RFID. Initially we used semi-active, but we later shifted to passive. The latter were not only cheaper, but also gave optimal results for our specific setting. The tags are wearable (and washable) badges that allow easy tracking of the patient throughout the hospital wards. What is RFID?


QR Code

Another method to locate patients is via using a ticket that is provided to the patient before or while entering the hospital. For instance tickets provided at the subscription desk or kiosk. The patient needs to acknowledge his arrival via scanning a QR on a kiosk. See also the example movies for AZ Zeno hospital above. What is a QR Code?

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Early 2020, in collaboration with Aucxis, we also integrated an operational solution that works with an infrared tag. The device is a Centrak-based, small wrist strap. In order to function, this solution requires manual and physical awarding of the tag to the patient. The sensors are easy installable via ceilings. Read more about Centrak.

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Other solutions

Partheas has an open architecture in order to easily integrate with other localisation solutions and/or controller components. We have no issue to integrate with any other hardware technology. Do you want to check whether it makes sense whether your location component could integrate with Partheas Flow, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Detailed information on specific aspects can always be exchanged via the request form and/or (online) meeting. Don't hesitate to reach out via the contact form or via info@partheas.com

The solution is a software product but it allows tailoring via its configuration files via which we can configure a set up that matches the medical, staffing and buidling-technical aspects of your situation.

Yes, definitely. The product has a continuous growth path. Please also check out the News section where we put regular new product updates.

Check out the FAQ section under the menu item 'Company Information'.