Mangelzorg tijdens Covid

On November 17th 2020, Zorglab (Care lab) Aalst organizes in collaboration with In4care on an online breakfast session. The central theme for the event: “Communication with the caregiver in times of COVID-19”.

In recent months we have been confronted with major challenges as a healthcare organization. Maintaining our operations, keeping patients or residents safe and supporting them was our priority. But how did we deal with the environment of this resident / patient? 

During this inspiration session we explore how the informal caregiver experiences this, what impact the situation has on the well-being (anxiety, ignorance, stress) of the informal caregiver and which good practices are used. What are the lessons learned from the sector and the challenges? Are there innovative solutions that can help with this? With this we want to offer inspiration to continue to focus on communication with the informal caregiver within the organization in the coming months.

Partheas provides a short demonstration from its mobile app to follow-up family members in the OR.

Text from the website of the event. This short event (9-10h30) can be followed online. Want to register for this event (Dutch language)? Visit the event registration here.