Partheas Q is ready for version 3.4 with the September release. Except for incident interventions, no further release is planned in 2022. The next major release will be Q1 2023. Interested in what is part of Q1 2023, or do you as a customer want to hear for yourself what could possibly be put on the roadmap? Do not hesitate to contact us!

Major features

  • Elaboration of the calendar invitation for Google, including support for recurring appointments. See also below animation.
  • Identical to the above, but focus on MS365 (PQ-766).

New features

  • Availability to support group appointments (for instance for trainings).
  • End an appointment via an API call from a third party application.
  • Instructions per type of appointment.


Support of smaller features

  • Smaller features for more functionality in error diversion options
  • Additional fall back mechanisms in case the end customers calendar application is temporary offline.
  • Improvements for privacy and audit privacy/audit by limiting the view on agenda’s.
  • Smaller bug fixes (no impact on operational functionality).

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