Wednesday 29/06/2022 our Q2 release delivered some exciting new product features. For Partheas Flow this also meant the roll out of the ‘mobile app’ for physicians and nursing staff. This allows patient follow-up and overall tracking of the consultation progress. Via your mobile device, one is able to manage the patient flow in the same way you can already do that via a traditional web browser. The app offers additional possibilities in situations where a computer or laptop is not the best option.

Partheas Q had a lot of product updates in the Q2 release, but yes, also Flow certainly had series of new changes

  • Additional designs and lay-out possibilities for tickets, screens in waiting rooms and door screens.
  • A set of technical enhancements in order to reduce release times drastically. This allows us to deploy new (large and small) features quicker and more often.

However, the most important feature in this release is new mobile app for hospital staff and physicians. Today, with your phone, physicians and nursing staff can do the same as in the traditional browser. For example:

  • get an overview of the location of your patients in a single view (not in hospital, subscribed, in the waiting room, at medical imaging, in examination, in consultation…) ;
  • refer the patient to an examination ;
  • call physicians to an examination room ;
  • etc etc.

The app is completely integrated with Partheas Flow for Consultations. That also means that in terms of user access (and other integrations), there is a smooth link with all hospital applications. Hence, it is perfectly possible to collaborate with the localisation application.

The app is available both in iOS and Android.

Like to get some more information? Don’t hesitate to reach out.

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