eInk Door Signage


eInk Door Signage

Room Signage is a frequently implemented eInk door signage solution, primarily used for the management of meeting rooms and/or designated rooms. Check out healthcare examples on the Room Signage website.

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Frequently applied with Partheas Flow

Room Signage’ key user-base are a variety of office environments. However, see below in this webpage on why the solution is often applied in combination with Partheas Flow.


Unique features

The solution has a number of unique advantages: completely wireless, 5-year battery life-time,  easy installation and mounting, fits everywhere, unbeatable value for money.

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Room Signage GmbH

Room Signage Systems GmbH is a German-based (Berlin) product company. Partheas is able to implement and integrate their solution. Next, the solution is also a great add-on to the Partheas Flow solution as a whole.

Why Partheas Flow is such a great match

with the Room Signage solution ?


Partheas Flow id designed and created in order to serve 100% of the patient population.

By including the room signage solution, we are able to provide dynamic signage to patients.

Interested to find out more? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

Partheas integrated examples