3d-berlin - digital 3D indoor navigation

Overall features

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Patented top solution

Not only is 3d-Berlin’s solution a patented top-solution for information and guiding systems, it has built-up a large number of reference cases over the years. Check out some examples healthcare examples on the 3d-berlin website.

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Can be integrated with Partheas

Of course 3d-berlin solutions are available as autonomous, graphical way-finding solutions for kiosk/mobile/website. At the same time, they can also be integrated with Partheas solutions.

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E2E delivery

Implementation of the Product from requirement analysis over conception, implementation, roll out and ultimately service. Partheas supports this process for Belgian clinics and/or solutions with a Partheas integration.



Founded by Dr. Björn Clausen and Dip.Ing. Adrian Zentner, today 3d-berlin is a technology leader in the field of “digital 3D indoor navigation” thanks to it patented system. To find out more, check out their website.


3D Wayfinding

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