Early birds or physicians running late? How to manage infrastructure capacity?

Patients who are much too early or doctors who are running late due to circumstances? Partheas Flow calculates the start time of consultations in real time and can thus add ...

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Ticket engine Partheas Tikasso launched

Partheas launched its ticket printing engine ‘Tikasso’. The solution allows generation of kiosk or desktop printed tickets in a hardware agnostic format. Tikasso now allows us to print good looking, ...

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Mobile app for physicians

Wednesday 29/06/2022 our Q2 release delivered some exciting new product features. For Partheas Flow this also meant the roll out of the ‘mobile app’ for physicians and nursing staff. This ...

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Partheas Flow – OR (short animation)

How can Partheas Flow for surgery rooms and day hospitalization contribute to smooth communication with people who support patients (parents, children, partners…)? Find out more in this small animation. Partheas ...

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Wachttijden arts

Partheas Flow (version 4.4.x)

This page gives a brief overview of the features in version 4.4.x (compared to the previous version). In addition to some security updates, it also contains a series of new ...

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Access control integration

With this new release, Partheas Flow integrated with its first access control application as part of the patient flow process. The solution contains the following extra features At subscription, dynamic ...

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Not a good idea

Honestly, it is not a good idea for you!?

While intelligent patient flow management is a really good idea for the majority of clinics and hospitals, it may not be a top idea for you. Honestly, it is possible ...

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Waiting times physician

Additional features for the Care Manager

The first posts of this blog series demonstrated benefits to patients as well as physicians and nurses. While the previous post briefly illustrated how the hospital’s finance director can realize ...

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No-brainer for the hospital CFO?

A tool that improves patient experience and offers substantial support for physicians and nursing staff… Sure, but that must become an expensive bill!? Well, not really. Not at all actually, ...

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Medical path for pneumology - supporting physician and nursing staff

Support for physicians and nursing staff in consultations

A solution that focusses on improved efficiency in consultations!? Help!? Too often, that means the creation of additional stress and adding workload to staff. Intelligent patient flow management does focus ...

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