Easy to configure patient queue management application

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Highly configurable

Via a handy user interface, the hospital’s application admin (usually a manager or responsible for for reception/subscription desk) can easily configure how the application needs to work and how to organize the process. The set up is tailored to fit your context.

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Hardware agnostic

Ability to integrate with 3rd party software (for instance AD or self-subscription), but also with a whole set of common hardware components for printing (Zebra, Custom, Android, Asura…) or waiting room screens (Samsung, LG…). Partheas solutions are always created as hardware agnostic.

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Easy multi-lingual support on both user and patient-end can be configured by the hospital administrator. By default the solution handles English-French-German-Dutch, however it can be configured to support any left-to-right language. That is valid for both users, but also patients.

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Easy license policy

A license is provided to any individual set-up that uses the solution in a hospital group, regardless of other factors like the number of users. In case you also use Flow, there is a free integration component with Partheas Flow in order to maximize the abilities of Q.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Detailed information on specific aspects can always be exchanged via the request form and/or (online) meeting. Don't hesitate to reach out via the contact form or via info@partheas.com

The solution is a software product but it allows tailoring via its configuration files via which we can configure a set up that matches the medical, staffing and buidling-technical aspects of your situation.

Yes, definitely. The product has a continuous growth path. Please also check out the News section where we put regular new product updates.

Check out the FAQ section under the menu item 'Company Information'.