Smart signage

A completely new signage innovation for Partheas Flow is the introduction of the Qeejdi smart light bulb. This smart bulb allows hospitals to provide specific indications based on the information in Partheas Flow.

Partheas already integrates a series of signage integrations, ranging from classic digital signage integration on waiting room screens up to door signage. The Qeejdi smart light bulb integration is a completely new type of integration. Examples of ‘use cases’ for this solution include

  • Information about occupancy of a single consultation room, examination room, dressing locker… to patients ;
  • Information about passing certain thresholds (too many people in waiting rooms, too many people in a certain area…) to staff members ;
  • or other smart building applications…
Smart Light Bulb

Integrated with Flow

Furthermore, the colour code on the lamp is managed by alerts triggered in Partheas Flow. As a typical example:

  • the solution calls a patient to dressing room ‘B’, as always we call the patient via the waiting rooms screens (and/or mobile app) ;
  • next, the light bulb on top of the dressing room, provides a green colour indication so the patient can better find the designated room ;
  • after 30s the light becomes red ;
  • when the room is free according to Partheas Flow, the light turns white.

This hardware supports the following colours: white, red, orange, yellow, blue and green. Next, these technical characteristics apply

  • Power Over Ethernet (PoE)
  • RJ45 male integrated
  • Very low power: 0,75W
  • Beacon BLE 5 compliant
  • Weight: 35 gr
  • Dimensions: 47,56 x 60,47 mm

The French company Innes is the solution provider of this hardware. Interested to find out more about this solution? Don’t hesitate to contact us! Also, in case you are specifically interested in new signage integrations, read this article on the new 12.2″ eInk format.