Surgery & Day Hospitalization Module

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Patient & Companions

Partheas Flow informs patients and their companions. For instance, it can provide information to a parent about what the real-time status is of the surgery of a child.

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Expert solution

Partheas Flow for surgery and day hospitalization is a brand new and autonomous module within the Partheas framework. It allows hospitals to manage the patient flow in these environments.

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Nurses & patient dispatching

Partheas automates the entire flow and can relief nurses and patient dispatching from a range of tasks. Hence, it allows staff to focus on their key tasks.



Audit & MIS

The application rigorously tracks the whereabouts of patient traffic. Hence, it is able to provide a very accurate image that can be used for justification and other purposes.

Also in combination with the mobile solution

Total end-to-end solution in the set up of AZ Herentals

Frequently Asked Questions

Detailed information on specific aspects can always be exchanged via the request form and/or (online) meeting. Don't hesitate to reach out via the contact form or via

The solution is a software product but it allows tailoring via its configuration files via which we can configure a set up that matches the medical, staffing and buidling-technical aspects of your situation.

Yes, definitely. The product has a continuous growth path. Please also check out the News section where we put regular new product updates.

Check out the FAQ section under the menu item 'Company Information'.