Android/iOS Mobile extension & patient app


Patient & Companions

Partheas Flow informs patients and their companions. For instance, it can provide information to a parent about what the real-time status is of the surgery of a child.

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Hospital branded

Our hospital app is branded in PlayStore (Android) and AppStore (iOS) as your hospital app solution so patients can immediately find it without confusion.


Fastest growing solution

The mobile app is our most evolving component and we are eager to work together with hospitals to extend potential ‘use cases’ it can support.


Patient friendly

Traditional Partheas Flow aims to reach out to 100% of its patient which is not possible via a mobile app. Still, Partheas puts a lot of effort in making the solution easily accessible.

Integrated with the CDC module (example AZ Herentals)

Frequently Asked Questions

Detailed information on specific aspects can always be exchanged via the request form and/or (online) meeting. Don't hesitate to reach out via the contact form or via

Exact tailoring is something we can discuss.

Yes, definitely. This product is the one with most growth. Please also check out the News section where we put regular new product updates. In case of questions about our product road map, don't hesitate to reach out.

Our core application contains all functionality and has strong (open) possibilities for integration. In case your mobile app vendor is open for it, yes, we can definitely discuss how to integrate Partheas features into your existing mobile solution.