Startscherm VDAB Aalst

Visitor reception software ready for full roll-out at VDAB

Today (10/02) the 3rd VDAB office (Mechelen) will start with our visitor reception software Partheas Q. After the pilot in Aalst (24/01) and Ghent (08/02), the roll-out of Partheas’ biggest ...

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VDAB picks Partheas Q in combination with 3S kiosks

In combination with partners Syrinx (BE), 3S (BE) and Italian AISsystems, Partheas managed to win the project for providing customer reception software to (up to)  67 different offices of VDAB. ...

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Introduction new mini kiosk for Partheas Q

When our basic queue management solution started, Partheas integrated with a really convenient mini-kiosk: the AsuraCPRNT. This device was very concise and did exactly what it needed to do: (a) ...

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Centre de Santé des Fagnes selects Partheas Q

The polyclinic of Centre de Santé des Fagnes has chosen the clouded variant of Partheas Q for its new set up of its subscription desk. The regional hospital will use ...

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