Management of patient flows

This post is a landing page for a series of 7 posts on “Why would a hospital have (no) automated patient flow management application?”. It summarizes a series of reasons why an intelligent flow management software could be a good idea for a hospital or clinic. Furthermore, it also provides a number of situations why such application could be less interesting.

Overview of posts in this series

    1. How can patient flow management improves your patient journey?
      Let us start with the most important motivation, putting the patient in the centre. So, how can intelligent patient flow management improve the patient experience?
    2. How intelligent patient flow management makes physicians and nursing staff happy?
      More information on how to be so much more efficient with less effort.
    3. How does patient flow management impact financials?
      Why it should be a no-brainer for the hospital CFO? More information on ROI and the impact on financial numbers. The article also contains reference to the bachelor’s theses (3) of Arteveldehogeschool and PXL.
    4. Why would patient flow management make a hospital care manager happy?
      You may already have found quite some useful features and inspiration in previous posts? On top of the above, there is more to take away for a hospital care manager.
    5. Sometimes there is no fit. Why might it not be such a good idea for you!?
      While effective and efficient in so many care environments, this might not be working for you. Perhaps, this is indeed not what you need? Following, an overview of contexts where these solutions become less relevant.
    6. False motivations to deny the smart thing to do!?
      The previous post discussed circumstances in which these solutions may not work for you. Or at least not offer you a worthwhile (financial) business case. However, also in situations where it would fit really well, there could be resistance within organisations. Although, some objections are not there for the right reasons. Why some motivations against patient flow management are simply not correct!? — appears 15/12/2021
    7. Why Partheas Flow for Consultations stands out when compared to peer solutions?
      No doubt, solutions such as this one can provide a lot of value to most Consultations and Medical Imaging environments. This article provides why Partheas Flow offers so much more than less advanced solutions! — appears 15/01/2022


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