In 2012, Partheas started its journey when it saw life after 4 experienced consultant joined forces.

While creating neat solutions for various industries, the company has primarily focussed on software product development in healthcare since late 2013.

Today, Partheas is an expert in patient flow management for hospitals. It matches unique knowledge in order to organize flows using its key concepts: localisation, process intelligence, actions & visualizations and knowledge gathering & usage.

Koen Wauters

Koen Wauters (CEO)

Co-founder and manager of Partheas. Responsible for customer and partnership relationships.


Tijl Vercaemer (CTO)

Co-founder and manager of Partheas. Creator of Partheas Flow and always able to make sure technical concepts get translated in optimal customer value.


Rakesh Dodda

Lead developer with a specific focus on back-end and mobile applications. In love with Java, Dart and Aalst.


Madalina Ciobanu

Our enthousiast, creative and organized project manager who makes sure all exciting product developments are aligned with even more exciting customer roll outs.


Shuchi Singh

Amateur polyglot and professional lead for front-end. Always able to make sure that the user interface is intuïtive and efficient.

Shravya 1

Shravya Siluveru

Started as intern with Partheas and after a detour of a few years in Chicago, recently rejoined as full-stack developer. First Partheas Q developer, but now involved in too many technologies to mention...


Nicola Piens

Our youngest developer who is currently optimizing all new software and hardware integrations to perfection.

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Full stack developer

Looking to extend the team with a full stack developer !