Partheas Flow
Manage the physical Patient Flow

Expert software solution !

Partheas Flow
Improve Patient Experience and IncreaseHospital Efficiency

Partheas Flow
Location, Intelligence, Visualization

to support amazing results

Partheas Flow
Specialist in managing Patient Flows

A unique physical Patient Flow management system to get spectacular
results for patients, physicians, staff and hospitals.

Expert solution

Partheas Flow is an unsurpassed solution to manage the physical flow of patients in the ambulatory care.

Patient Experience
Information is key

Partheas Flow informs patients about the status of their appointment (waiting times). Next, other useful information is provided to make sure the patient experience is increased.

Physicians & Nurses
Treat more patients

Partheas Flow allows both physicians and nurses of different disciplines, to treat signficantly more patients.

Hospital Efficiency
Signficant improvement

For the hospital, Partheas Flow offers makes sure processes are optimized, aligned and cost efficient. Great results with a spectacular ROI.

How ?

Partheas Flow is based on 4 major pillars:

  1. Location. Making sure to find the location of your patient. This can be done by an automated tracking tag or device (RFID badge, Wifi), or alternatively via patients who register at a desk or panel kiosk.
  2. Integration and enrichment. Information of the patient is integrated with multiple other sources in order to enrich information with already existing data. Most common is information from electronic agenda,  patient records, hospital information…
  3. Intelligence. Process intelligence uses the enriched patient data and location info in order to steer the entire process. This takes into consideration the specific needs for the medical discipline, the procedures common in the hospital and the architectural set up of the building.
  4. Action. Last but not least, based on the earlier, the process data and intelligence acts. Patients are getting called according to certain algorithms, waiting times get published, hospital information is provided…
Impact of the solution for a hospital

Increase patient experience by providing information to patients


Increase integration between different disciplines


Increase nurse efficiency in high throughput disciplines


Increase nurse efficiency in low throughput disciplines


Increase hospital efficiency for physicians


Decrease waiting times


Partheas Flow What ? Why ? When ?

So what does this application do. Why has it become so important? When can hospitals decide to take a decision to implement this solution ?

  • What ?

What ?
The very basics

The diagram shows the very basics. Patients get tracked through the hospital (either or not automatically). In the waiting room, the receive information about the status and when it their turn, they get called. When the consultation is over, the physican/nurse ends the consultation in the software. Automatically, the next patient gets called.

  • Why ?

Why ?

Partheas Flow tackles today’s issues healthcare is experiencing all over the world: helping out with a solution, supporting a strategy in a context of more patients, higher regulatory demands, an increased amount of patient demands, an estimated shortage of diverse staffing, a growing importance of ambulatory care, and less budget.

  • When ?

When ?
Right timing

When would a hospital or clinic choose such solution? There can be various reasons why to go for Partheas Flow. The timing to choose for this solution depends on the different requirements and of the hospital (group) as a whole or specific needs of certain disciplines.

The history of
Partheas Flow

This solution was first implemented at an Antwerp (Flanders, Belgium) hospital, where the a renewed, large orthopaedics department was looking for a way to

  1. give better information to patients while respecting their privacy
  2. remain with the same level of nursing staff while increasing the total amount of patients with 50% and covering 70% more of surface

The solution was able to meet expectations, saving up to 1.5 FTE as compared to a set up without Partheas Flow.

Moreover, additional benefits came up which were not anticipated at first. One of them being that the ward was much calmer. Before, the atmosphere was more hectic with nurses running around, calling out patient names, looking up agenda lists… The introduction of the application hereby created an additional contribution to a more pleasant environment.


Patients per year


Supported types of medical disciplines


Year of first installation


Winning Awards

Get in touch via +32 53 85 35 32 or

Interested in becoming an integrator of this solution for your customers ?

Get in touch via +32 53 85 35 32 or [email protected]

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Interested in becoming a customer or want to find out more ? Check out our partners or contact us via this website.

Check out our Partners


A solution with features focussed on improving patient experience and increasing hospital efficiency.

Inform patients

Inform patients by providing information on waiting times or provide other hospital info.

Process efficiency

Make sure to optimize your consultation rooms and people in an optimal way, and have them focus on top quality care.

Medical field

The solution is tuned towards medical processes for different disciplines. Optimize for your field.

New evolutions

Partheas Flow is a new solution in the market that includes new technology evolutions.


Easily configure the way consultations work, set up procedures and steps to steer according to your needs.

Software and Hardware

Integrated with agenda applications, various types of hardware, digital signage platforms (and more) in order to maximize potential.

Mmm… there are many things you would like to ask ? please let us know! We will be happy to provide you more information.

Get in touch via +32 53 85 35 32 or

Interested in becoming an integrator of this solution for your customers ?

Get in touch via +32 53 85 35 32 or [email protected]

Check out our Partners

Interested in becoming a customer or want to find out more ? Check out our partners or contact us via this website.

Check out our Partners

that may further leverage the solution

The following are integrations with Partheas Flow, however, the products themselves exists also as fully independent solutions. If any questions on these, don’t hesitate to request more information.


The process information contains data such as ‘current position of a patient’ and ‘destination of a patient’. Hence, Partheas Flow is extremely well positioned to integrate with Way-Finding solutions such as 3D Berlin’s.

How it works? When the patient and his location device appear in front of a display with the Way-Finding solution installed, automatically, an itinerary is graphically shown with the ideal route. The latter takes into account information such as lower mobility of patients.

Dispenser - 650x500

Many health care institutions either have an automated subscription desk for patients entering the hospital or are thinking of deploying such solution. If one works with automated detection, how can we hand over the detection tag? Partheas has a partnership with Connecto to make sure that such integration is not an impediment.

Depending on the tag, a dispenser (‘base device‘ or ‘add on‘ to existing) can be provided in order to make sure that your patients receive the device automatically. Please let us know if you have any questions on this.

more integrations

Also the below are optional integrations that may help in solving specific requirements.

7.4InchLabel - 650x500

On the consultation/examination/locker rooms where patients are expected, Partheas Flow pushes the patients information to a small eInk screen (usually 7.4″). This small screen looks like a tablet, but has a great set of features to support Partheas Flow. This device could show the patient’s name or (for privacy reasons) whatever other information that can be displayed when the patient is supposed to enter. This small part of the overall solution is vital in making sure the vast majority of the patient population can autonomously work with the application.

The eInk technology is a cost-effective way to allow such set up. Moreover, the eInk label can be connected without any wiring and has a battery life time of 3 years.

These eInks can also be used to put other information on the door of the rooms. Next, these devices – if installed anyway for Partheas Flow – can also be used for other purposes (digital signage of meeting rooms and other). Find out more? Don’t hesitate to ask!


Perhaps your hospital is also thinking about other needs that have a business or functional relationship. For instance, the set up of ticking at the subscription desk, either or not with automation.

A completely different example could be tracking of assets (wheelchairs, infusion pumps…) for which you are thinking to use the same detection technology as for patients.

Partheas does not offer solutions for tracking of assets for instance. Moreover, Partheas’ prime focus is on the software aspect whereas we put a lot of effort to make sure that we can independently integrate the hardware solutions that make sense for Partheas Flow.

Nevertheless – and of course – we can certainly put you in contact with companies in order to make sure that infrastructure investments are maximized for other goals also.

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