Detailed information on specific aspects can always be exchanged via the request form and/or (online) meeting. Don't hesitate to reach out via the contact form or via

The cost of the solution depends on a number of factors. However, in almost all scenarios, the ROI is very strong.

We focus on software. If it is easy enough to integrate then we will most probably be able to re-use the hardware.

Partheas Flow is an 'open' solution with multiple options on how to organize aspects, like the localisation component. Lets see together what is the best fit for your situation.

The hospital agenda is a key part of the set up. It is crucial to have an efficient integration in order to generate the best possible set up. Fortunately, there are multiple ways to link up both with HL7 or our API being the most popular.

Yes, but when it comes to hardware, we do prefer to work with better-skilled partners. However, we can certainly bring you in contact. Also, whenever we make an installation and set up a solution we always make sure the entire solution works as designed.

We love Partheas Q, but Partheas Q is a much simpler software than Partheas Flow. In short it is a queue management application which - for some scenarios - can also be a better fit than Partheas Flow, or sometimes may even be complementing the entire workflow.

We are a software company. Lets look into it together whether or not hardware can be re-used.

Both cloud and on-premise working solutions for us. We love cloud because it is easier to do updates and upgrades. We love on-premise because it avoids nasty firewall and proxy issues in collaboration with hardware components. In short, also for us, it may depend on the situation.

We can bring you into contact with trusted companies whose hardware certainly works with our software.

We don't brand Partheas Mobile as "our application". The app is branded as the hospital's mobile application.

Basically, Partheas created the app in order to support the features that we want to bring to the market. Our infrastructure is set up in such a way that we are able to easily integrate with 3rd party mobile app vendors who want to include our components in order to expand an existing app platform.

Please reach out to us via the contact form or write a mail to

Corona is not a happy event nor has it been friendly to our planning. Delivery of a go-live version - integrated with the mobile app - is now set end of Q3 2020.

Don't hesitate to reach out to us via the contact form or via

It depends, but in case of installations outside of the EU, we would need a company with boots on the ground wherever the solution is being applied.