3d-berlin (Berlin, Germany)

3d-berlin vr solutions GmbH is an IT-hightech company from Berlin specialized in building information and guidance systems.  The company was formed in 2010 by the virtual reality specialist Dr. Björn Clausen and Dipl.-Ing. Adrian Zentner.

Today 3d-berlin is the technology leader in the field of “digital 3D-indoor navigation” thanks to its patented system Guide3D and its high standards regarding production and service. Partheas works together with 3d-berlin for way-finding solutions.

3S (Denderleeuw, Belgium)

3S is a Belgian manufacturer and distributor of kiosk hardware. The company has a 25-year footprint in various countries like Belgium, UK, Italy and other. In terms of industries, it has a strong presence in (amongst other) health care, government and retail.

Partheas has worked with 3S in multiple types of kiosk projects. The company provides first-tier  kiosk solutions that can integrates with either Partheas Flow, Partheas Q and Partheas Q++.


Aucxis (Stekene, Belgium)

Aucxis is an independent solution provider, specialised in hardware and software, which integrates innovative solutions with the aim of optimising customer processes. Aucxis implements various hardware technologies (RFID UHF, Wi-Fi, infrared, BLE…) in order to realise Track & Trace.

Amongst others, the company makes this happen within the departments of a hospital. It is seamlessly linking this variety of hardware to its universal framework Hertz.

The company is active on a global scale and won the prestigious ‘Lion of the Export’ award in 2016. Partheas works together with Aucxis in the field of patient tracking.


Blandinium (Gent, Belgium)

Blandinium is a consultancy company from Gent (Belgium). It specializes in software development for solutions that require either specific (hardware) integration needs or scaleable high-performance requirements. Expertise in C++, Java, C# and embedded software.

Room Signage Systems (Berlin, Germany)

Room Signage Systems GmbH offers door signage based on ePaper/eInk using a patented wireless technology. The solution is already widely established throughout industry, healthcare and commerce.

Partheas works together with room signage in order to provide additional signage on the consultation, dressing and examination rooms in the hospital. The solution is an ideal match in order to guarantee Partheas Flow works for 100% of the patient population.

Syrinx BV

Syrinx (Aalst, Belgium)

Syrinx is a consultancy company specialized in offering expert advise in business development, solution architecture and process analysis.

Functional domains with specific expertise include Finance, Healthcare, Telecom, Media and Construction Services. Technical domains include Java and .Net frameworks, PHP, UX design, JavaScript, mobile, track-and-trace, digital signage and others.