In April-May of this year we organize in collaboration with Janne Tuts (physiotherapist and student ‘Care Technology’) a study on digitalization of patient flows in medical imaging. We currently have 5 participants, but we are actually looking for 2 more in the very short term. What can you expect? You can also find this in our standard agreement below.

Interested? First is first! Contact us by telephone +32 472 67 98 24 or via


1 – Context

With this agreement we want to list the agreements between the two parties

  • The participating hospital, hereinafter referred to as the ‘participant’;
  • Partheas is directly responsible for the correct implementation of this study, which is carried out as part of the project internship of Janne Tuts (Vives Healthcare Technology student). Both are further referred to as ‘executor’.


2 – Study topic

Within hospitals, increasing the quality of the ‘patient experience’ and optimizing patient flow is not an easy task. There are several factors that make this an additional challenge for medical imaging. To gain a better picture of operation, requirements and optimization options, Partheas and Janne Tuts started this analysis as part of the final project assignment for Janne’s bachelor’s degree in ‘Care Technology’ (Vives).


3 – Output of the analysis for the hospital

The participant receives

  • A comparative analysis between the different institutions, including the description of the context in which the design is located;
  • A description of various aspects of digitalization in the patient flow on the one hand and communication between different employees/doctors on the other;
  • A description of alternatives and the appreciation (and/or points for improvement) that the healthcare institution itself sees with regard to the current design.

The aim is to carry out this at a minimum of 5 (up to a maximum of 7) healthcare institutions in the period March-April-May 2024.


4 – What does the participant commit to?

Participation is free. The participant undertakes to provide the necessary information to the operator in a truthful manner on the basis of

  • A guided site visit in the healthcare institution with a responsible person and/or someone who has knowledge of the complete operation of the service. This person should allow approximately 1.5-2.5 hours for this.
  • Possibly a short (online) consultation later in the process to discuss a limited number of outstanding points, if there are any.
  • Any other questions regarding certain quantitative data. This is an exhaustive set, for example about orders of magnitude of patients on a daily basis.


5 – What does the executor commit to?

The operator undertakes to provide the necessary feedback to the participants in a truthful manner as described in §2.

  • This includes at least a written analysis.
  • An online consultation with a presentation of the results.

The executor further undertakes to carry out the analysis in a thorough manner. In addition, the analysis is carried out with respect

  • Patient privacy and confidentiality;
  • Employees and doctors of the healthcare institution;

Any wishes regarding restrictions on the inclusion of certain details in the analysis, which the participant regards as ‘confidential’.


6 – Contact details of executor

For comments or other exchange of information, please find the contact details below

  • Koen Wauters, +32 472 67 98 24,
  • Janne Tuts, + 32 493 10 35 17,

Identification: Partheas BV (0847.026.368), Capucienenlaan 93A (HealthHub Aalst), 9300 Aalst.


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