Partheas launched its ticket printing engine ‘Tikasso’. The solution allows generation of kiosk or desktop printed tickets in a hardware agnostic format. Tikasso now allows us to print good looking, easily adaptable  tickets for multiple purposes.

With this µService, Partheas wants to enable use of various software ticket printing on several types of popular devices. Out of the box, Tikasso prints for instance on Zebra, Custom and other. Images, 1D or 2D barcodes, logo’s, dynamic & fixed texts and many more can be easily designed on the ticket to quickly make really nice looking tickets for way-finding or other purposes.

There are hardly any limitations on language and script: latin script, cyrillic, arab, devanagari, hebrew and so many more.

Using our Chrome extension ‘Zijderoute’, tickets can be immediately printed to a USB printer via your (Chrome) browser.

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