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This morning (29/06/2020) the AZ Herentals hospital (Antwerp) was the first hospital to launch our Partheas mobile patient app for its ‘Outpatient Surgery’ facility (CDC). This allows companions (parents, children, partner and so on) to monitor the status of a patient in real time.

The application follows patients throughout the entire process using a small infrared tag. Patients carry this small item on the wrist. Next, a process intelligence layer supports the information from the tracking device. The combination efficiently steers all patient movements in the department. This way the software can automatically – and without further intervention from hospital staff – provide an accurate update of the patient location to the mobile device.

As a result, the CDC unit can also communicate real-time updates for all those who need to follow up the most current status. Also, the hospital can differentiate by age group. For instance, in line with the desired setup by the hospital, parents of young children are already called to the “recovery” department as soon as the child has arrived in that department. Furthermore, the hospital can also send individual, ‘ad hoc’ messages when that would be required.


In these Corona times, the solution also actively contributes to managing the number of people present in the hospital. Via the mobile app, the patient companion can follow the process in real-time from outside the hospital. In real-time, he/she automatically receives all necessary updates. This allows the healthcare institution to actively reduce the pressure on waiting rooms and thus increase safety for its patients and visitors.

More information

Patients of the CDC – and their companions – can download the mobile patient app from both Play Store (Google) and App Store (Apple iOS). For AZ Herentals, the Partheas solution is active under the name “AZH Gids”. During summer months, the hospital will also launch the mobile app for all activities related to “Consultations”.

For more general information about the mobile patient app for ‘Day hospitals’, please click here. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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