The start of the new CDC department at AZ Herentals (06/01/2020) got a lot of press attention. For more information on the module that steers the patient flow, click here

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Extract An Verstuyft (VRT – Radio 2)

A better monitoring for patients will be implemented in the new surgery department (CDC) of AZ Herentals (Antwerp, Belgium) from Monday onwards. All of this thanks to a new digital follow-up system system. Both hospital staff and family members can then see the location of their patient at any time.

When they report to the hospital, the patients wear a wristband with an infrared chip. Sensors monitor the patient throughout the hospital. “This allows all nurses and doctors involved to see whether the patient is in the waiting room, in the operating theatre or in the hospital room, for example,” explains general manager Rudy Van Ballaer. The system already functions for the hospital consultations. Amongst other, the solution ensures that fewer staff have to walk back and forth. Patients themselves see on screens in the hospital where (and when) they are expected. It also provides personalized itinerary data and other information.

Number and symbol

The solution offers an additional advantage for family members or caregivers of patients. “The subscription desk assigns each patient a unique number and symbol. The solution uses this information for anonymous interaction. When relevant actions appear on designated television screens in the hospital. Those who need to be informed can track where their patient is located.”

In the future, it is the hospital’s intention to distribute such information via a mobile app. It allows people to receive information, also outside the hospital walls. Accompanying relatives can take a walk or have a coffee during the surgery. When they need to be informed, the app will automatically provide them an update.”


In the operating theatre, the care manager of the hospital also developed a separate track for children and minors. “Young patients are expected in a separate waiting room. The waiting room has different toys and other items, especially for the smaller children. When kids are called to the preparation room, parents can accompany them. After the surgery, the software immediately calls up these parents. Via the tracking system, the solution immediately knows when the child is in the wake-up room or recovery. Parents immediately get this information and can go to that part of the department to accompany the patient.” That way, parents can be with their child from the moment the child goes into the OR, but are also there when the patient wakes up.


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