With the upcoming Partheas Flow release 4.0, Partheas Flow integrates with the localisation controller of Aucxis, Hertz. In order to kick off integration, the controller will connect to our module for Day Hospitalization and Surgery. With the CDC setup for AZ Herentals, the first implementation will go live on 06/01/2020.

Partheas Flow will subscribe to localisation data that locates patients in/near the surgery department in order to trace their whereabouts. Both software solutions exchange data over the loosely coupled APIs of both applications. Hertz provides its localisation information from tags (RFID, BT, Infrared…) on which Partheas Flow takes a subscription. Next, Hertz sends positions updates to Partheas, taking away the complexity of localization from Partheas Flow.

The tags which are used are Centrak-based infrared devices.

Interested to find out more about abilities to integrate localization components? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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