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On June 29th 2020, our new app solution launched for CDC (Surgical Day Centre). You can find more information about AZ Herentals launch in this link. Below a short overview of coverage in the media: (see also news item below)



Text VRT – Flemish Radio & Television (29/06/2020)

AZ Herentals has launched an app where you can follow in real time which phase of the operation a patient is in. This way family members or partners know when they can pick up the patient. “That way they don’t have to wait in hospital all the time,” says nurse director Katrijn Bosschaerts.

At AZ Herentals, patients entering the surgical day centre will now receive a wristband with a chip. It is connected to an app on the smartphone, and the patient can give a QR code to a partner or family member so that they can follow the surgical procedure. “The supervisor can therefore remotely see where the patient is via his smartphone. In the meantime, the supervisors can go to the store and we have fewer people in our waiting area,” says nurse director Katrijn Bosschaerts.

The app can also facilitate the follow-up of the corona measures. “Through the tracking system, counsellors know when to pick up the patient. So we can keep the crowds in the waiting room under control and monitor the distance rules better,” it sounds.

There are also benefits for the nurses. “They receive fewer calls from concerned family members asking when the patient will be ready,” says Bosschaerts.

The hospital wants to expand the app in the future. “We also hope to use the app to provide more information about a certain procedure to the patient. We also want to use the app to gauge satisfaction with the hospital,” Bosschaerts adds.

Author: Celine Bruyndonckx