Partheas extends Partheas Flow (version 4.0) with a new module to management patient flows for

  • day hospitalization and
  • surgery

The solution will actively inform patients and (especially) their companions about the status of their intervention.

Nurses who manage the ward will be able to check to see the status of the waiting room at all time. Next, certain actions (calling patients, calling companions,…) do not require manual intervention any more. The solution maximizes the support to nursing staff via automated intervention.

In order to realize the project, Partheas created an entirely new module with a dedicated user interface. It allows nursing staff to follow up the different locations as per their specific needs.

The solution is scheduled for a first production release at AZH CDC on 06/01/2020.

Readers can find more information on this page. For more detailed information about this module, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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