In combination with partners Syrinx (BE), 3S (BE) and Italian AISsystems, Partheas managed to win the project for providing customer reception software to (up to)  67 different offices of VDAB. The first roll out is scheduled later this year.

Together with its partners, Partheas recently got the project awarded to provide customer reception software for its extended branch network. For VDAB, this software will be crucial in its larger plans for the redesign of the ‘Key Service Delivery’.

The software used is an extension of Partheas Q and comprises functionalities such as

  • A dynamic kiosk software to guide visitors (jobseekers, employers, suppliers…) to the right location/staff member/action/…
  • Overview screen and management screens to inform staff members.
  • Screens for office manager in order to steer and optimize the visitor flow.
  • Data collection in order to make fact-based decisions.

All software will run on cloud-based Partheas Q, supporting up to 500 concurrent users (+85 kiosks). The 3S kiosk devices are equipped with eID readers, QR code readers, printers and touch screen. For the first phase (out of 3) already more than 50 kiosks will be used.

Partheas Q