ICT4Care Montil Affligem

This text is directly taken from the ICT4Care website. Due to the corona measures, the colloquium ICT4care 2020 is a hybrid event. Interested participants can physically join on October 13, 2020. The sessions are also being recorded in image and sound. Partheas will foresee a presentation on its mobile solution to allow patient-companions to follow up the status of the patient.

The ICT4care 2020 digital colloquium of the ICT4care working group is ideal for bringing the developments in the field of ICT and innovation in healthcare to you during corona times and to put the biggest market players in the spotlight. The sessions on this ambitious digital platform are divided into eight themes and can be consulted without restrictions until December 23, 2020. If you cannot get the right insights and information about ICT and innovation in healthcare, where can you? Welcome!

To gain access to the digital platform, each participant must register via the registration module of the conference site. After registration, each participant will receive a unique link with password, whereby access will be granted to the digital platform from 23/10/2020. The digital platform will remain available to the registered participants for up to 2 months after the colloquium. This gives the participant immediate access to all presentations of the colloquium 2020.

Registration is always possible! Please consult the ICT4Care website regularly. The conference will again take place in De Montil in Affligem. Agenda details can be found here.

Update 04/11

See below for a video of the event