Link up patient flow management with smart signage solutions? Partheas offers 2 more hardware integrations to its solution. Read more about the new 12.2″ eInk size integration in this article.

Room Signage 12.2"Ready to meet our newly integrated 12.2″ screen size with ePaper? Earlier, Partheas Flow (Consultations & Surgery) could already link to smaller door signage sizes. Usually, for a consultation or examination door we connect to a 7.4″ size eInk. This type of door signage indicates (with logo and number) the expected patient.

With the larger 12.2″ eInk, we intend to use it for other purposes. This may include a focus on overview information for either staff or patients. Examples of typical ‘use cases’ supported with this eInk:

  • (see example) Indicate to a specific desk the current amount of patients in the waiting rooms. Moreover, in post-corona timing, medical services can receive real-time occupancy numbers from the application. This may include warnings when exceeding thresholds.
  • Occupancy list of current doctors working for the applicable area.
  • or other…

Of course, the same advantages of the technology apply on these screens which come in black-white-red:

  • No need of wiring, battery life-time of 3 years+ (and batteries can be changed) ;
  • As always, easy installation ;
  • Of course, it operates with the same technology (Room Signage Systems) as the already connected 7.4″. This means there is an identical set up (or re-use if already in place) of the infrastructure.

Interested in this extension to Partheas Flow? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

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