Reporting module in version 3.2 - Average waiting time evolution for a physician

Partheas launches a new reporting module in version 3.2 of its Partheas Flow platform. Thanks to the large sets of information captured by the application, the application can offer a lot of insight. IT allows managers in patient care to adequately change process paths. Hence Partheas Flow offers the tools for making informed decisions based on historical data.

The reporting module contains 3 key types of reports:

  • Statistical information specific to a single ward or physician.
  • Audit information in order to verify certain routes of patients, for instance in case of questions about patient journeys towards patient service/complaint departments.
  • MIS information on hospital level which can help care managers to make changes to certain flows.

Disclosure of information

A module in the Partheas Flow UI can visualize the information in a pre-defined set of reporting formats. There is a set of fixed reports available out of the box, but we can also provide tailored reports, specific to your requirements. Next, hospitals with in-house reporting expertise can also extract data directly from the Partheas Flow API. Moreover, in both situations, the module can receive data from external data sources for further enriching the report.

The example report above shows an example of a “waiting time” report for a certain physician. Over a period of time, it shows the evolution of waiting times. Before the technical preparation of data for reporting, the solution will cleanse the data for anomalies. For instance, in a report for average waiting times, the data for patient who themselves are too late will be ignored.

Once could argue some of the information might also be found in other hospital software. However, due to the nature of Partheas Flow, it contains a number of very unique and unbeatably accurate sets of data. Depending on the modules in use, that may concern data for both consultations and surgery.

Interested to find out more about the additional features in version 3.2? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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