Partheas released a new version of its Flow product, including a full fledged REST API that is positioned to improve integration with 3rd applications.

The new API allows better integration with typical ESB applications (Mirth, BizTalk, IIB…) or other applications such as agenda systems, medical patient files, hospital room management, management information systems, radiology systems, 3rd party mobile apps, location controllers (RFID, IR, WiFi, BT…), kiosk integrators… Hereby it can for instance allow internal departments to better plan in their patients for examinations.

Next, Partheas also released a completely new, modern user interface focussing on

  • Lesser amount of clicks for executing actions
  • Increased security and privacy per user profile
  • Browser compatibility and mobile usage

Moreover, the development team took into account feedback from an earlier patient survey. This patient survey was part of a bachelor’s thesis from Healthcare Management students from PXL (Hasselt).

Partheas Flow