AZ Sint Maarten Wayfinding

AZ Sint-Maarten (Mechelen, Belgium) launches a new version of the Partheas supported solution, created by 3d Berlin. With this new way-finder solution, you can already have a look at your route from your home couch. For the patients of this Emmaus hospital, it offers them the opportunity to prepare for their visit upfront. The way-finder may help to take away some of the stress many people experience when going to the hospital.

AZ Sint-Maarten introduces this solution for its patients on July 17th. It allows patients, visitors, companions and other people to map out their indoor route in the hospital in advance. Whomever  frequently needs to visit them, knows that these large building infrastructures can turn out to be quite a maze. With this easy-to-use, online tool, you can enter your starting and end point via the interactive Way-finder. Click on ‘Get directions’ and… yup, you are ready to go! The indicated arrows and buttons allow you to navigate between all different departure and destination points.

Other features and possible use

The solution works on both PC and mobile devices. Its core engine uses a patented solution to calculate the best route. It takes into account non-public areas, but also allows differentiated navigation based on lower-mobility of the person.

The software contains multiple inbuilt features to leverage its use. First of all, with the print feature different desks at the hospital can also print dynamic routes to people who ask directions. When working out the solution, obviously taking care of the existing signage in the hospital.

Next, it allows you to display on each of your medical discipline webpages, an itinerary to this specific discipline relevant to the patient. This information can also be distributed to patients or visitors via other media.

While the solution of AZ Sint-Maarten is currently not integrated with a positioning solution, it is perfectly possible to do so. Partheas can integrate the solution with any RTLS solution. It would establish your current position automatically, without having to enter it into the application. Moreover, with support of Partheas Flow, the solution could immediately connect it to your next destination and automatically navigate the patient throughout the hospital.

Try it out yourself? You can via following this link to the AZ Sint-Maarten website or try an alternative approach via scanning the QR code below.

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